Tomorrow is D day … DevOps day!

So, tomorrow is the big day.

I will be presenting my “Roadmap for Continuous Delivery” to the clientele I am currently working for in Basingstoke.

The idea is to automate as much of the process from “check in” as possible.

Obviously I am expecting some amount of resistance as my proposal is likely to come as somewhat of a culture shock.

The slide deck can be seen below …

I would greatly appreciated all feedback.


Starting the journey …

10759189_8333840_lzSo, today is the day, the day that my nutrition and workout plan finally arrives “via email” from the main man Alex Ritson.

To get in touch with him, hit him up on the following …

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/www.alexritson.co.uk?fref=ts

Twitter – https://twitter.com/AlexJamesRitson

Instagram – http://instagram.com/alexjamesritson

I can’t wait to start working with this guy his knowledge and attention to detail is second to none.

The first goal is to lose a stone in the first 8 – 10 weeks of my program.

I will be updating this blog weekly with my progress, letting you guys into how I am feeling, what I have been doing and what food I have been eating.

Note: Alex is a strong believer in “If It Fits Your Macros” IIFYM for short. Therefore I won’t just be eating chicken, rice & peas.

I will upload the plan Alex provides me to this post so that you guys can see his attention to detail for your own eyes.


So guys, I have just got done spending 15 – 2o minutes on good old FaceTime with Alex going over the workout and meal plans.

I can’t recommend/praise this guy enough his attention to detail is something else.

He has provided me with a 10 week training plan as well as meal plans (with ingredients and where to source them).

Basically … it’s an “idiots guide” not calling myself an idiot obviously ;)

So for those who are interested I will be squatting 4 times a week to help build my quads and muscles around my knees.

The goal is to eventually get back to kicking a ball around with worrying too much about injuring myself.

Steven Wade 1st Quarter Program 2015 (1st weight loss block)

The link above contains information about my first “block” of training.

To repay Alex for all his hard work I am going to be developing a website for him so stay tuned for that.


Welcome ….

welcome_1Hi all,

So most of you have probably been thinking to yourself things like “where has Steve been?”

Well, I have been extremely busy working on a number of projects both personally and professionally.

The main projects are:

  1. Changing job roles from working as a developer to now being a DevOps engineer
  2. Deciding to finally get my fitness and nutrition on point.
  3. Setting myself up as a limited company – Steven Wade Consulting Ltd

I would like to shout out Alex Ritson regarding the fitness and nutrition.

We had a coffee about a week ago now and he completely changed my attitude towards fitness and nutrition. I am now a fully fledged member of #TeamRitson

Anybody looking to get themselves “in shape” I can highly recommend him, his attention to detail is second to none, just ask Charlie Smith

This year I will be aiming to blog at least once a week on …

  • My journey into the DevOps space
  • My fitness and nutrition journey with TeamRitson
  • New music

Watch this space, I have a lot of things in store for 2015 and hope you can follow me on this year long journey …

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